Thought for the day – Trust

We all believe and trust that we will be alive tomorrow, yet, we don’t know if we will be alive, death may take us by surprise.

Jesus advises us to live in such a way that prepares for the inevitable. Live in him!
People today seem to talk on their cell-phones in all situations. If we would talk to God in prayer with the same consistency as we talk on our cell-phones, we would be fulfilling the command to pray always. God is close to all those who are broken-hearted because God is, above all, a God of compassion. Even though we may feel abandoned, God is very, very near to us, longing for our happiness. Faith is life – giving. The more we rely on it, the more resilient we become. Faith needs to be cultivated and needs a foundation of trust in which to mature. Allow God to retain control of every situation. Jesus alone must rule your heart and be your Lord and Master. Pray today for the grace to love all of God’s creatures and the inner freedom that comes from putting God first in your life. Come to Me, all you who labour and are overburdened and I will give you rest, says the Lord. Happy are the pure of heart for they shall see God. Happy are the peace makers; they shall be called the sons of God. Happy are they who suffer persecution for justice sake; The Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.

Prayer: God, help us to receive Your blessings and let us seek You in every situation we are in. Amen

-author unknown-

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